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Baby Feeding Unit

All women and their children should be free to breastfeed in public, anytime, anywhere. Breastfeeding has amazing health benefits for both mother and child. For toddlers, having breast milk for the initial six months is mandatory because of the nutrition quotient present in the milk. This helps the toddler to build a healthy immune system and live a healthier life. Also, the bond between a mother and the child grows stronger and empowers both to lead a healthy life. . Feeding when they are hungry and being able to stop when they are full helps them to retain this ability. However, not every mother who wants to breastfeed has the support she needs to do so. Breastfeeding in public is looked down upon in public spaces and places of transit.

TBCF has installed 09 Baby feeding units in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) hospitals, where in the mothers can feed their infants in privacy